Posted by: oucupcakegirl | March 28, 2010

I don’t like rain…

But it was kind wet outside and Mom and Dad took me to the park anyway! I was so cold my legs were shaking! We went to the pet store and we got a Buckeye rain coat. I put it on when we got to the park but I’m just a little guy still and I couldn’t see with the hood on!

Mom got it to stay off my eyes and it kept me really warm! I ran a whole mile! My paws were wet and dirty but I loved it! This messy thing is the life! 🙂

Posted by: oucupcakegirl | March 20, 2010

When Mom and Dad picked me up…

I was pretty scared. They took me away from my real Mom and Dad and my other brother. I cried all the way home.

I got used to everything pretty fast and started to play lots more. I got tired pretty quick and fell asleep.. I woke up a few times and Mom & Dad were watching me sleep.

I got used to the apartment, but I guess Athens wasn’t my real home cuz Mom and Dad took me back to Columbus… and I cried to whole way home. The car scares me a lot!

I got to know Mom & Dad even more.. I think I’m a Daddy’s boy!

They took me to the park the next weekend and I had a good time watching the other big dogs. This one dog was so big that I chased him into the water although I didn’t know what it was! It was wet everywhere up to my neck, I think I peed a lot or something! I got scared and ran out and dried off in the dirt for a while. I like the park!